Bamboo Thai Cooking School – What To Expect

What to expect at Bamboo Thai Cooking School

Meet the Instructor

Anya Yaituam was born in Thailand between Hua Hin & Cha Am, in a village called Huai Sai Tai. From a young age, Anya was surrounded by family whose livelihood depended on good Thai food. Grandmother (Yai) owned a curry & rice shop, Mother (Mae) owned a noodle stall, Aunty (Na) owned a breakfast and lunch a la carte restaurant and Uncle (Loong) owned and ran a small restaurant.
Growing up in these surroundings, she developed a passion for Thai cooking. At an early age she had to help her grandmother, mother, aunties and uncle with preparation. Therefore, many family secret recipes and trade secrets have passed along to her.

At the age of 19, Anya began the other half of her life when she moved to Sydney. Here her Aunty and Uncle owned a couple of restaurants including Orange Thai in Potts Point and Toh Toh Thai in Glebe where she began working in the kitchen. Anya also has worked in many other well known, respected Thai restaurants in Sydney such as Thairiffic & Thailand Restaurant in Newtown and worked as a chef in David Jones.

Anya has a great passion not only for cooking but also growing fresh, home grown ingredients. She knows using the freshest ingredients makes all the difference and tries to grow everything she uses herself.

What to expect at Bamboo Thai Cooking School

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