BECC Year 7 Join A Bamboo Cooking Class

BECC Year 7 join Bamboo Thai Cooking Class

BECC Year 7 Thai Cooking Class

BECC Joins Bamboo Thai Cooking Class

On November 19th 2018, BECC year 7 students joined a Thai cooking class at Bamboo and learnt to make Green Curry, Stir Fry Chilli & Basil and Tom Kha Gai. Some of the students were vegetarian so learnt to make the dishes with mushroom and/or tofu.

It was a great experience for the students as most of them do not come from Thai heritage and learning about Thai ingredients and food was a new experience.

The students were given their own sets and Anya taught them how to make the food to their taste so they would not be over-whelmed by the new flavours.

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