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Bamboo Thai Cooking Class FAQs

What to expect from my classes?

First of all, my classes are intended to be fun, relaxed and informative. Most guests that join my classes are on holidays or on a fun day or night out so its all about the experience. I try to involve everyone as much as possible so everything is kept simple as I do not believe in complicating things.

I lived in Sydney for 10 years so my English is a bit “Aussie” but I’m sure you’ll have no trouble understanding me. I also ran kitchens in Sydney, so although I have no formal training as a chef, I have the experience. With this experience of living overseas, especially in a place as strict with food imports as Australia, I can advise on where to buy ingredients and what may be available in case you cannot find exactly what the recipe says to include.

How Do I Choose What Food I Teach?

In Thailand, we have 4 main regions and these regions have their own traditional dishes. For example, if I want to eat North Eastern (Issan) food like Som Tum Pla Ra (papaya Salad with fermented fish) I will go to a restaurant or stall with a chef from that region.I was born and raised in Hua Hin (Central Region of Thailand) and the food in my set menus such as Green Curry, Pad Thai and Stir Fry Basil are my regions specialty.

Is My Cooking Skill Level Suitable For The Class?

I have had guests of all experience levels join my class and enjoy the day cooking and eating, the classes are designed to be suitable for anyone with an interest in Thai food and the ingredients used.

Are Children Welcome To Join?

Short answer is yes. I have been around the kitchen, somehow involved with food and cooking as long as I can remember and I always encourage young children to get involved as much as possible. We can set them up with their own set to be totally independent or they can join an adult for a small fee of 1000 baht which covers transport and food.

How Many Guests Are In The Average Class?

Class sizes vary depending on the time of year, during low season from May to November class sizes are generally 4-6 guests and during high season from December to April class sizes on average are 10-12 guests. If intimacy and privacy are important to you, I can organise a private class starting from 20,000 baht (minimum of 2 persons) and an additional 5000 baht per additional person.

My minimum class size is 4 and maximum is 14 guests but I can cater for larger groups of up to 50 guests with modified classes which can be negotiated beforehand.

What Kind Of Dietary Requirements Or Allergies Can You Cater For?

Most of the dishes can be made to suit vegans or vegetarians, I generally make recommendations based on what needs the least modification. The same goes for those with allergies to certain foods like prawns or seafood, let me know and I can work with you so that you can enjoy the class too. There are plant based sauces available that can be used for vegan diets too.

I can also cater to those who have other dietary requirements such as Halal.

If you dont eat chicken or pork I can organise prawns for an extra charge of 200 baht per dish.

There are 4 People In My Group, Can We All Cook Different Dishes?

As a cooking teacher, I take pride in the food my students and guests create. To be able to give everyone 100% attention to the dishes they are making I feel its too confusing to have different dishes being taught at the same time so I only teach 1 set menu per class. At the moment there are 6 set menus which are available to choose from and I choose those sets on a ‘first come first gets to choose’ basis, so if you book early and first you get to choose what we learn on the day.

Do I Need To Prepare Anything For The Class?

I try to provide everything for the everyday class that you may need, you may want to bring a camera or something to help you remember your day. Its generally hot in Thailand and standing around cooking for half a day can be a lot for many so please try to hydrate before the class, I recommend drinking mineral water instead of the normal drinking water.

How Do I Book A Class?

The best and easiest way for me is to send an inquiry using the contact form on my website or through my facebook page and then I will respond as soon as possible. I will confirm dates and details about the class and when we agree to the terms I will send a request for payment. For last minute bookings, you can call me on 092 517 8422 but I don’t always remember class times so an email is always easier so I can check my schedule.